Terms & Guidelines of Entry

During your visit to our farm park, your safety and enjoyment is paramount. Please therefore take a couple of minutes to read the following guidelines:

1. When a ticket is purchased you have access to all areas marked on the site map. Please look for and follow the instructions on our signs at all times, which are here to help and protect you.

2. Please keep children supervised at all times and if a child goes missing report immediately to the ticket office.

3. Our staff have basic first aid training, if you need first aid please alert a member of staff or go the counter.

4. Please be aware that animals can carry disease. ALWAYS wash your hands after contact-we have hot wash stations around the park, and in the toilets.

5. Please do not eat whilst petting the animals.

6. All our animals are used to human contact and enjoy the attention, this said Wellybobs can never guarantee an animals behaviour and touching them is done at your own risk, Wellybobs will not be held responsible for any injuries caused whilst touching the animals.

7. Please wear suitable footwear and outer clothing in inclement weather as the ground maybe muddy or uneven in places, so please take care.

8. Please use the change area to wash boots and Wellingtons before entering the indoor areas.

9. Please do not climb on gates and railings, or enter animal paddocks as some animals may be unpredictable.

10. Anyone seen mistreating the animals or facilities WILL be asked to leave the farm park.

11. Please ensure that your children are supervised when petting the animals, using the play equipment and participating in any activities. Please ensure your child is competent to use play the equipment and other facilities before allowing them in that area.

12. Your children and your belongings remain YOUR responsibility whilst visiting Wellybobs Farm Park. We cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury to persons or property if terms and conditions are not adhered to.

13. Please be aware that there is a NO SMOKING policy throughout Wellybobs Farm.

14. No dogs are permitted on site.

15. By purchasing a ticket you have accepted our terms and conditions.

16. Wellybobs accepts no responsibility for cars and belongings on Wellybobs property.

We hope you have a wonderful day at Wellybobs, please take part in our organised activities (an extra charge may apply) which change daily and are advertised daily in the shop and café.

Please feel free to ask our staff about our animals and farming practices, they will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

(Sometimes this map misbehaves a bit and the clickable areas are not where they should be! Sorry about that, it doesn’t seem to like certain web browsers…)